SNJ Info Tech Software Solutions Order with Online Payment

Order with Online Payment

Select your Order of Items, and Pay your Fee or Bill amount with Online payment Facility. (Use your mobile and Scan with Qr-Code for Payment).

  • DCA 15.5-K
  • PgDCA 25.5-K
  • Web Technologies 35.5-K
  • Accounting Pack 15.5-K
  • DTP Course 15.5-K
  • Multi Media 50-5-K
  • Dampudu Biyyam ” Low Polish Rice 25-Kg 1-Pack”  1200/-INR.
  • ( Note :- Before your payment, Enquiry is Must and First. Then Next Payment). *JaiHind.
  • Mr.JyothiSarath – 94402 41093. PONNUR.